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Archetype is built from foundations of health that allow the human to have a template to operate/navigate their body in a modern environment. This system allows the human using the template to navigate the dangerous pitfalls of modern symptom care and current quality of life. We, as humans, must abide by the natural concepts of life that we lived thousands of years ago. Through most of the existence of the human species, we moved consistently throughout our day. Now, the minimization of movement of our bodies in our culture is killing us every day we do not move as our ancestors did.

Below are all of the services we at Archetype have carefully researched and crafted to keep the modern human moving to create a life of your dreams and reinstate our primal state in modern society.

How to Get Started?

This is a journey, a lifestyle change, and you will not see results without commitment. Patients are selected based on their individual needs and overall willingness to commit to being healthy. We’re not about quick fixes, we want to improve your body in every aspect and avenue we can.

Are you ready to change your life?



First, we will schedule an evaluation appointment with you and begin to understand your concerns and needs.



Next, you will receive your tailor-made diagnostic and 3 levels of personalized health plans to choose from.



This is the fun part. Begin your holistic health and wellness plan and truly start living the life you were meant to live!

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