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Chiropractic Care

There’s a big difference between treating symptoms and identifying the cause. Our Chiropractic services will restore your body’s mobility, and its incredible ability to heal itself. By regularly restoring the spine’s proper and natural curvature, Archetype helps allow for a lifetime of healthy movement.


An athlete is defined as a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. At Archetype, we believe that we are all athletes — we that move; those who live. We know that performance doesn’t mean perfection, but as long as perfection exists, we will try. Performance is more than becoming better at something; it’s about strength, longevity, and being prepared to perform, for life.


Every person is unique and therefore deserves a unique approach to better living. Through elite blood analysis and personalized diagnostics, Archetype will help you develop a comprehensive profile of your natural balance, then create a nutrition plan specifically tailored to your body and your needs.

Archetype Flow

This course builds on dynamic mobility by incorporating more advanced movements. Here, we combine elements of yoga, strength training, creative locomotor patterns, and even gymnastics strength training so you can feel free to explore your body’s abilities in an inclusive environment. The ultimate goal is for you to see the world as your playground.

Archetype Strength

This course utilizes a diverse range of movements and exercises to achieve strength across all planes of motion. You will get stronger, leaner, and build muscle. Elements of power, speed, hypertrophy, and HIIT training will be found here.

Archetype Altitude

Our most unique offering is an interval training class that varies in intensity depending on the room’s calibrated altitude. Here, we can recreate mountain-top elevations from 1000ft-17,000ft. The higher the elevation the more challenging the recovery. The higher the altitude the less oxygen available in the room. Here, your heart and lungs will work harder, but with less stress on your body. These classes are a combination of interval training blended with strength development.

Archetype Calm

This class is designed to rest and repair the brain therefore also the body. Your brain never turns off unless “you” turn the outside noise off. Research shows 20 mins of regular meditation can have the equivalent impact to a night's rest! It also empowers you to change your mind set immediately in the midst of stresses with which we are constantly bombarded. CALM is a 25-30min meditation in a quiet open room.

Other Services

  • Chiropractic
  • Muscular therapy
  • Laser
  • PiezoWave
  • Dry needling
  • Altitude therapy
  • Cupping
  • Normatec
  • Physical Rehabilitation

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