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Regular chiropractic adjustments will not only address your immediate issues of dysfunction and discomfort, they will also help identify areas of deeper stress within your body. Chiropractic care will restore your body’s mobility, and its incredible ability to heal itself. We can address those root causes of discomfort and help you begin to painlessly move through life with strength and mobility.


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Megan C

I transferred to Homewood Friends and Family to continue care for a car accident in June. Dr. John was the only chiropractor within 100 miles of Tuscaloosa that had the certifications I needed to continue my treatment and structural rehab. I started school at The University of Alabama this fall, which was in the middle of my treatment plan. I had to travel to Homewood for care twice a week for about two and a half months. I can honestly say that I did not regret the drive because of the care that I received at Homewood Friends and Family. Dr. John was knowledgeable about the symptoms I was describing and tried several different methods of diagnosing the problem and really cared about the results. He listened to my problems at school (as a freshman there is a lot of stress) and was a kind mentor, giving helpful advice and some class recommendations! Justin helped with muscular therapy in my neck, jaw, and lower back. He listened to the issue and was gentle enough that the problem was worked out, but in a timely manner. Betsy and Beth listened to the symptoms I described between each visit and I felt like it was well transferred to Dr. John so that he could treat the problem effectively. Joanna and Luis were kind and welcoming faces at the front desk. They were understanding and willing to work with my crazy schedule going back and forth to Tuscaloosa.

Overall, I loved the atmosphere and holistic care at Homewood. The team offered complete care. They dedicated time to listening to my symptoms and tailored the care to my needs. I made a decent recovery but most importantly my almost daily headaches went away!! I really enjoyed my experience at Homewood and would highly recommend them to anyone within a 50 mile radius of Birmingham!!

Lavette P

F&FHC is the best. The entire team really embrace you as their friend or family. On my first appointment just walking into the office I felt their sincerity. After Dr. Ray and the Team done their diagnosis and based on my current and previous history. I agreed with their terms and was prepared  to be treated for my symptoms.

I was so happy knowing that my 2016 car accident injury  (pelvic and muscle issues) and the childhood scoliosis diagnosis will get some relief from the adjustments and muscle therapy. For the few months of my wellness visit I have more mobility than I ever had.

Thank you F&FHC



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