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Regular chiropractic adjustments will not only address your immediate issues of dysfunction and discomfort, they will also help identify areas of deeper stress within your body. Chiropractic care will restore your body’s mobility, and its incredible ability to heal itself. We can address those root causes of discomfort and help you begin to painlessly move through life with strength and mobility.


FULL Reviews

Andy J

We've received incredible care and gotten great results from Dr. John at Homewood Friends & Family.

I've been to HF&F for adjustments on my own... and have been impressed with his personal attention to detail- how thorough he is with everything from the X-rays to the adjustments to monitoring progress...

Here's the biggee to me, though-

We recently took our 4yo son to Dr. John to get a "nurse maid's elbow" adjusted. Dr. John did an amazing job putting our little boy at ease. He explained what he was doing (to us and the child). And, rather than avoiding questions or speaking in circles, he was honest about what he saw... even when there wasn't a concrete explanation and the answer needed to be "Let's watch it and see how he does."
I appreciated his care for us and for our son. He even made an appointment with us when the office was closed, in order to make sure out little boy was doing well. And, he recognized when certain positions and techniques made our boy uneasy- and he was quick use "work arounds" and alternative methods of ministering healing.

HF&F is a great place. Comfortable atmosphere. Warm, tender, caring staff...

Five stars. All around. In every area.

Natalie B

After trying many methods to rid myself of back and neck pain from a car accident, I decided to try chiropractic methods and I am so glad I did. Dr. John is about having full body health and getting to the root of the symptoms rather than masking them for instant gratification.  He and his staff are so very welcoming and thorough every single visit.

I was so scared to begin this process because I was unsure what to expect.  Dr. John has explained everything to me from the begin and my mind is at ease about the process and expectations. I have gone from taking OTC pain relievers daily (sometimes several times a day) to almost never.

If you want a good practice with a great atmosphere and vibe, check out Homewood Friends and Family!  You will be glad you did!



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