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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

One of the most important times for Birmingham women to see a chiropractor is before and during pregnancy.

Seeing a prenatal chiropractor is important for both mom and baby. The changes in a woman's body during pregnancy put added stress on the spine and nerves. This is why things like sciatic pain, low back pain, and other biomechanical ailments are so common during pregnancy.

Maintaining chiropractic care during pregnancy will help the body adapt to its temporarily altered state. The result is a more comfortable pregnancy and shorter labor times, less risk of medical intervention (C-Section).

Dr. John Palmer is certified in the Webster technique, which is a technique designed just for pregnant women! It supports breech babies in being able to turn themselves headdown. Getting adjusted during pregnancy is also safe and effective for your baby too.

About 40% of our practice is pregnant moms ,babies, children, and families.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

FULL Reviews

Kristi V

Everyone is so kind here and remembers me and my son by name every time we come in. I had dealt with severe SI joint pain for several weeks before seeing Dr. V and Dr. John. Then I found out I was pregnant, so I desperately needed to avoid using any pharmaceuticals to deal with this pain. I also knew that as pregnancy went on, this had the potential to get even worse if I didn't do something about it. On top of all that, I knew it was essential to take care of my back so that I could get back to my work as a labor and delivery nurse. I really needed to save all my vacation time for maternity leave! Their chiropractic care has been instrumental in keeping me pain-free and able to care for my toddler and keep working. Thank you so much for returning me to normal and helping me stay pain-free during this pregnancy!

Kristen J

Wonderful group of people who really care about their patients! They have made my pregnancy so much easier. Both Dr. John and Dr. V are so helpful and very knowledgable!

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care



Pregnancy Chiropractic Care


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