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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

One of the most important times for Birmingham women to see a chiropractor is before and during pregnancy.

Seeing a prenatal chiropractor is important for both mom and baby. The changes in a woman's body during pregnancy put added stress on the spine and nerves. This is why things like sciatic pain, low back pain, and other biomechanical ailments are so common during pregnancy.

Maintaining chiropractic care during pregnancy will help the body adapt to its temporarily altered state. The result is a more comfortable pregnancy, shorter labor times, less risk of medical intervention (C-Section).

Dr. John Palmer is certified in Webster technique, a technique designed specifically for pregnant women! It supports breech babies in being able to rotate themselves headdown. Getting adjusted during pregnancy is also safe for you and effective for your baby too.

About 40% of our practice is pregnant moms ,babies, children, and families. We would love the honor to be a part of your natural healthcare team.

If your not located in Alabama or surrounding states please refer to www.icpa4kids.com

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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

FULL Reviews

Rebecca Y

I've been seeing Dr. John for over 6 months now, and he has helped me eliminate stubborn back pain from caring for and nursing a newborn. The entire staff is incredibly thoughtful and truly puts their patients first. Dr. John has gone above and beyond to get me back to living pain free. After hitting a stopping block with my recovery, he recommended a cold laser session to help with the pain I was experienced in my back and offered it to me free of charge. That one session turned everything around and since then I've felt great with my regular adjustments. I've also seen Dr. Ray if Dr. John has been out of the office, and his attention to detail and care for his patients is just as good as Dr. John's. If you are a new mom and experience aches and pains, don't hesitate to call Homewood Friends and Family. They will take fantastic care of you and make sure everything they do is safe for you and baby!

Allison C

I’ve had a lot of low back trouble and sciatic pain due to pregnancy. Dr. Ray really takes his time and adjusts exactly where it is needed. It has helped SO much! I’m walking without a limp again! :)

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care



Pregnancy Chiropractic Care


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