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Functional Nutrition & Coaching

What is Functional Nutrition ?

Functional nutrition is about getting to the root cause of chronic symptoms or an illness, not just treating symptoms.

It answers the question why you don't feel good, In conventional medicine the focus is symptoms. When you focus on the why or the cause, you get true healing, not symptomatic treatment with drugs or surgery. Archetypes nutritional care is personalized to you, its a integrative approach to your healthcare and regaining control of your body.

To help determine the cause of your symptoms and begin your journey to functioning better a comprehensive interview with our doctors, a questionnaire, and potentially blood work or lab testing may be required. The type of testing you require depends on your symptoms and health needs. Functional labs help to guide the support needed and determine the cause of health issues inhibiting your quality of life. After your interview and labs are completed our doctor will build you a individualized plan to achieve your goals.

Functional Nutrition & Coaching

Your Nutrition is Your Fuel and Directly Affects, Energy, The Outcome of Your Day, and Quality of Life. 

95% of Archetype nutritional coaching clients suffer from acute and chronic digestive issues, this leads to every ailment of the human body. The best part is that it can be fixed.

Every person is unique and therefore deserves a unique approach to better living. Through blood analysis and personalized diagnostics, Archetype Nutritional Care will help you develop a comprehensive profile of your natural balance, then create a nutrition plan specifically tailored to your body and your needs.

Dr. John Palmer is an expert in natural health and fixing ailments of the human body. His advice and methods have changed the lives of thousands and could do the same for you. Archetype Health is now offering digital health consultations. No matter where you are in the world, you will now have access to Dr. Palmer's life-changing input. Schedule a consultation today and take your health back into your hands.

FULL Reviews

Susan B

All the doctors and staff at Homewood Friends and Family are truly wonderful. My husband and I have been going for almost 2 months and the care has been outstanding. The nutrition counseling, muscle therapy - along with the chiropractic adjustments - have made a big difference in our energy levels and the overall quality of our lives.

Justin G

I have only been to my first appointment but after that first appointment, I plan on making many, many more appointments. I met with the nutritionist Betsy. She was so sweet and so informative about my previous blood work, things to watch when eating, what vitamins to supplement with and overall life enhancing advice. The atmosphere of the office was so inviting. Open floor concepts, music in the background, laughter from the doctors and patients. It was very refreshing to not be just a corporate number but to be treated as if I was the family they always had.

Functional Nutrition & Coaching



Functional Nutrition & Coaching


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