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Functional Training

Assessment,Rehabilitation, and Performance

Healthy movement begins with a functional human able to perform routine daily activities and, simultaneously, be able to adapt to a stressed environment (exercise, cold therapy, getting sick etc.) then back to a “normal” state of homeostasis. At Archetype, our goal is to build you a road map from your current state of your body to the determined/desired state you wish to arrive. Know that all changes are a process. When you go through our programs it takes time. Our ultimate goal is for you to be dependent on no one but yourself. Our facility is centered around the philosophy of you learning how to keep your physical health at its optimum every year that you are alive. We will teach you the foundations of movement to help you be the best version of yourself .

Functionality of the human means you are able to perform the following:

  • Understand and perform pelvic floor activation, pelvic neutral position
  • Lift a variety of heavy things in normal and mildly compromised positions
Functional Training

Our foundations of movement include:

  • Functional Movement Assessment:
    Levels 1 -7; evaluates fundamental movement patterns in all individuals and provides insight to overall biomechanical functions; aids in detecting areas of dysfunction and possible injury; helps to create a customized plan specific to the individual
  • Functional Mobility, Core, and Pelvic Floor Training
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Functional Endurance Training
  • Hypoxico Altitude Training

FULL Reviews

Zechariah T

I have been seeing Dr. John for almost 4 years and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! My training volume has increased and my body feels great each week. Chiropractic care really does work! His staff has been amazing to me and all those around me. I look forward to continuing my care for many more years to come!

Evan F

I started visiting Archetype when I heard about the altitude room. The altitude classes with John have had incredible effects on my training and fitness. I have been gearing up to be on a wildland firefighting hotshot crew which has a huge physical demand and preseason training is extremely intense and important. The crew I will be on is based out of 7000 feet, I am very confident that my training done at Archetype has prepared me for the altitude that I’m about to move to and start working at. I’ve also made some great friends through the class! I’m very thankful for Archetype and think it’s an amazing resource to have in Birmingham.

Functional Training


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