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Healers of the human body have been around almost as long as humans' existence. Throughout history, these healers have been found in nearly every advanced culture in the world and have been known by many names. However, these practitioners weren’t known under the title of “chiropractic” until much more recently in human history. In 1895, the profession of chiropractic was born in Davenport, Iowa by a physician named Daniel David Palmer. D.D. Palmer is widely recognized as the father of chiropractic sciences. He combined the methodology of medical science and the manipulating of bones, joints, and nerves to help the human body heal itself faster. What he didn’t know in 1895 was that the human brain is 100% dependent on movement. Without movement the brain atrophies and diminishes the quality of life span. The brain needs regular diverse movement in order to be healthy.

Chiropractic is founded on two concepts:

  • The human is a self-healing being that is dependent on movement to heal, thrive, and function normally.
  • “Movement is life”, the human brain and body is dependent on consistent movement to communicate and understand its environment.

The chiropractic adjustment facilitates these two concepts in the human body. Just like going to the gym, eating healthy or drinking water, the adjustment works best when done regularly. It is important to understand that chiropractic is foundational to a lifetime of health. The chiropractic adjustment allows the brain to optimally communicate to and from the body which allows the two to communicate more efficiently. The chiropractic adjustment doesn’t make you “healthy”, it only removes any interference of communication between the brain and body. This is a critical component of maintaining health. The other aspects of health that must be equally integrated into the lives of modern human healthcare are the other Foundations of Health:

Foundation 1: Mental acuity
Foundation 2:
Communication between brain and body (chiropractic)
Foundation 3:
Foundation 4:
Movement / performance
Foundation 5:
Minimizing toxicity

FULL Reviews

Caleb T

This clinic is not only a great experience, but also a GREAT investment in your health. Dr. John and Dr. V are incredible at what they do. They both spend quality time with you and get to know you as a person. I have never felt rushed out or felt bad for asking a question or explaining a problem area for them to look at. This place is very welcoming and professional. I tell friends and family at it all the time. This will not be a decision that you regret!

Timothy L

Dr Bollason and Dr Palmer are men of class and character with servant hearts. Both have donated their time and services on several mission trips to care for those in countries that have no access to chiropractic. Highly skilled adjusters, they turn the Power ON.



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