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Foundation of Health #4  - movement / adaptation

You Do Not Need Arch Supports, You Need Foot Strength

Dr. John Palmer

You Do Not Need Arch Supports, You Need Foot Strength

We get this question on a regular basis. Modern feet have been shoved in shoes and become almost inept. We wonder why plantar fasciitis shows up, why foot pain shows up, and many other dysfunctions in the foot and posterior chain. We as a modern society need to understand shoes serve a minimal purpose of fashion and aesthetics. Most shoes are not functional and literally prep you to fall as you age by crowding your toes and dumbing down the neurology of sensation.

Buy a pair of toe separators and wear them regularly, Walk barefoot regularly, buy a pair of Vibram five fingers shoes wear them regularly, do posterior chain activation exercises regularly, learning to engage your pelvic floor, learn how to activate your body in a pelvic neutral position and last but definitely not least, don’t fall the masses in healthcare. A good rule of thumb in our world is, if everyone is doing it, most likely you should not be.

In Health,

Dr John Palmer

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