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Summer Fruits and Veggies Fuel  Foundation of Health # 3

Dr. John Palmer

Summer Fruits and Veggies Fuel  Foundation of Health # 3

Archetype Foundation of Health # 3. 

Your fuel matters. Always put quality fuel in you and your families bodies. 

This is a current photo of our counter. It’s Farmer’s Season. It’s amazing and one of my favorite times of the year. The only thing missing here is a watermelon. Typically they have a place on the counter or in the refrigerator cut up. I’m pretty sure I eat it more than the family 😆. All the fruits and veggies are a must too. It keeps me and the family sane and consistently eating great healthy snacks. The kids also ask for the fruit or get it themselves if it’s out in the open. 

The fruit flys do suck though. 













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