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Where Do You Go For Quality Information?

Where Do You Go For Quality Information?

Its 2021, where do you go for your information? In today’s society there is so much information at the tip of your finger. You can literally find an answer to a question in less than 5 seconds. Just as easy as you can find the correct answer, you can also find misinformation just as quick. Not being that much of a social media person myself, I do get on occasionally and I do follow people that quote on quote are supposed to have the correct answer. I have been on more so lately just looking into various accounts that go over things that I’m in to and it’s amazing how wrong some of the information is and how many people it is hitting every day. For example, I was on a very popular physical therapist account reading up on some of his newest posts and granted, this guy has over 200 thousand followers, was talking about tennis elbow and the exercises that he uses most in his own clinic. The post had been up for a couple of days and there had been colleagues talking about how well the post was. I look a little closer and notice that the main picture is of the muscle groups that deal with little league elbow also known as Golfer’s elbow. These muscle groups are on opposite sides of the arm. Another example, I follow a couple of trainers to learn about some of the exercises they do. One trainer has a bunch of followers and I’m on there looking at this client of his doing glute bridges. The female in the video obviously works out and is very fit, as a lot of his posts feature fit individuals. The female doing the move has her lower back so far into extension it looks uncomfortable as she does this. The client every rep is jamming her facet joints and putting unnecessary pressure into this area. I will put money down that she had low back pain after doing this video. Your probably thinking, where is the post going? It’s important that where you go for information is a good source of, well………information. Just because sources look all “sexy” or “have a bunch of followers” or might be “an influencer” doesn’t mean that the information is correct. It’s important to seek out correct information so that way you are not injuring yourself, but also getting the right stuff. At Archetype we not only have skilled doctors, but we also have skilled trainers that are giving you the correct information. They also show you how to do exercises the right way in order to keep you injury free, and also the healthiest you can be while looking to be the best version of yourself.


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