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Philosophy of Getting Through Injury

Philosophy of Getting Through Injury

If you have ever had an injury of any kind, you know from experience how annoying and unwanted they are. They always seem to come at the wrong time, or right before a big event, you have been training for. The good thing is you can work through them as well as educate yourself on how to prevent it from happening again. We have a lot of weekend warriors, local athletes, as well as your average individual who are trying to simply do their day in and day out routine and come in with all types of injuries. When getting through an injury, it is important to understand what we did and how to not do it again. Here at Archetype, we implement movement evaluations in our care plans to help point out what areas you are weak in as well as what areas need the most work. A lot of people perceive that going to physical therapy 2-3 times a week or coming into the office to get adjusted a couple of times a week is all you have to do. The bad news, it just isn’t enough, maybe not in the beginning, but eventually, you can work up to not having to spend as much time on it. The majority of people coming in need more work in the beginning because habitual routines are the reason we get here in the first place. When the movement evaluations are done we are taking you through movements that you should be able to do fairly well, but due to the inactivity of the average individual, we all fail them at some point or another. The point of the evaluation is to pinpoint those areas where we can make you stronger and more resilient. The truth of the matter most individuals fail all the tests and have very very similar issues; mostly dealing with core activation. Don’t worry, we send you a report of our findings as well as walk you through the exercises that are needing to be done DAILY in the beginning. The “micro-dosing” of doing the exercises every day reinforces to the brain and body that these areas should be activating more frequently which in turn will help you prevent the injuries from coming back. Here is where the “philosophy” of the injury coming back comes into play. This portion might resonate with athletes more because they deal with injury and come back from serious setbacks. The mindset for EVERYONE coming back from injury is to put in the work and time in the beginning so that you avoid the re-injury later. Learn the workout positions, practice the movements daily, mobilize the tissue, and activate the tissue as much as you can. The sooner you can begin to do this the sooner you will get out of pain as well as get back to that training. Too many times I see patients that get injured, come in a couple of times, the pain subsides and then they begin to back step in their treatment because they don't feel the pain. Just because there isn’t as much pain doesn’t mean that you have done enough to completely stop. You still need to be working on those small points mentioned above to ensure the most optimal healing environment to become as resilient as you can. The more consistent you are with your care and treatment the better you will be in the long run. We are a very immobile society and it does take some time to heal correctly and to build strength and resilience, hang in there and continue to show up and do the hard work, you will get there. So if you're looking for something new and different, if you're looking for something more cutting edge, come by and try us out. You too could be well on your way to your next big comeback.


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