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My Team is Better ...

Dr. John Palmer

My Team is Better ...

My team is better……….

I’m partial to our methods because I visited over 100 clinics and gyms to build Archetype. I built the natural healthcare facility I wanted that I could not find anywhere in the world. I built it for you. How ever you show up we begin the journey of you being the best you. This facility is here so you can get better and thrive.

Our team genuinely cares about your goals.

Our coaches are focused on your biomechanics.

Our doctors educate regularly.

Our therapists do restorative muscle work.

Our front concierge staff listens and responds to your needs.

Our techs are the communication/glue between the team and your doctors.

Our administration staff works to make everything run smoothly.

So I’m not kidding my team is the absolute best. There’s no way my vision could exist without them.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. 🙏

Dr John Palmer

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