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Foundation of Health #4  - movement / adaptation

Heart Attack or Rib Pain?

Dr. John Palmer

Heart Attack or Rib Pain?

About 2 times a month we have patients come in the clinic with extremely specific excruciating pain around their rib cage. They mistake this pain for a heart attack which eventually leads them to visit the E.R. . After all the tests come back negative they end up in our practice still in pain needing help. The patient identifies the pain by taking a deep breath or upon inhalation, it persists until the tissue around the rib is mobile again.

A pain intense enough to send someone to the emergency room can be relieved with a simple rib adjustment as shown in the picture above. It won’t be 100% relieved with one adjustment but it will be close. If you’ve ever had a rib subluxation you will know it can be resolved quickly. Especially if you are getting adjusted regularly before the rib misplaces and the pain initiates. Though a rib being subluxated is not close to a heart attack the pain is easily a 9/10. Your Chiropractor or Physical Therapist should know what to do if this description fits your symptoms. In Alabama? Come visit Archetype, our doctors have been doing rib adjustments for years :)Dr John


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