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Foundation of Health #1 - mental acuity

Health Comes From Within

Dr. John Palmer

Health Comes From Within

Health comes from within, if done correctly then hopefully you can not ever need the medical system. We are very grateful for our medical system in the need of an emergency. Before any person reaches the medical system they have to follow a format of building their health. At Archetype Health we teach the 5 foundations of health. These foundations of health serve as a platform to build from. Taking care of your health only happens if you pour into it daily. (think of diet one meal is one meal, eating healthy only works if you do it consistently). Every single day you have the opportunity to pour into your health, instead of take away consistently. Most of our modern culture consistently makes poor health decisions daily. Each day turns into weeks, years, and decades then disease forms in the lives of millions. Want to learn more about how to build health?

This is why I built Archetype Health.

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