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Foundation of Health #3 - Nutrition

Every Workout is Not Game Day!

Dr. John Palmer

Every Workout is Not Game Day!

It’s crucial to be strong and perform well in your day-to-day, but it can also take a toll on you if you don't get the right balance between rest days. It's even more important for those people who are not repairing when they sleep at night because their next workout shouldn't involve heavy lifting or try crushing themselves with another intense work out. Here 3 things that may help boost fitness, strength performance:

1) Get 8 hours of high quality sleep per night - no less! Remember this will change your recovery time as well as life too

2) Drink an adequate amount of water according to weight (i would say 40% bodyweight is about enough); add some electrolytes I love @tracemineralsresearch for my training and races.

3) Remove unhealthy items from your daily food regimen. The human body needs fuel and less irritants and it will thrive.

Remove gluten, dairy, processed foods, coffee, and added sugars to decrease inflammation in the body. Especially if you’re training for a specific fitness event of some kind.

If you need more specificity which I’m sure you do this is a excellent baseline to start with your daily repair.Strength and performance comes from consistency and repeatability with the basics.



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