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Foundation of Health #5 - minimize toxicity

Eliminating Toxins In Your Life - Archetype Foundation # 5

Dr. John Palmer

Eliminating Toxins In Your Life - Archetype Foundation # 5

Toxin, depending on what source you use, can easily be defined as a compound or chemical that can have a harmful effect on the body. When I first think about the word toxin, my brain goes to chemical toxins, harmful insecticides, or something from a marvel movie that would mutate me into a superhuman character. Believe it or not there are natural toxins that can be made by animals as a line of defense, but more importantly there are manmade toxins that can be found in everyday aspects of life. Plastics that can be found in things that we either eat, play with, carry in, as well as in our cars we drive to and from work are very harmful. Polystyrene or the more well-known trademarked name Styrofoam is also another one we can easily avoid. Formaldehyde is another chemical that can be found in everything from the clothes we wear, pillows we sleep on, to paper towels we use to clean off our counters and tables. Although we can’t possibly eliminate every toxin we encounter, we can educate ourselves and try to prevent exposing ourselves to these everyday toxins that can have a direct or indirect effect on our neurological system. An easy way to educate yourself of what toxins you are getting exposed can be something as simple as looking at the ingredients of everything you eat that is either packaged or not. An easy way to be able to tell is if you can’t pronounce it, or it has a color or dye number after it; it’s probably not natural or good for you. Asking where your meat or produce comes from; trying to buy locally grown or produced foods are an amazing way to get to know the area but get locally grown fresh products.

The important thing is to try and get as much organic fresh food as possible, stay away from processed foods, and to try incorporating as many natural products into your daily routine as you can. If you are concerned, come in to get a nutritional evaluation. We start with the evaluation and determine your best path of healing. We might suggest dietary changes for a period of time or we may suggest blood work  to ease your worry. Our goal is to help you get back on track to a healthier, stronger version of you.


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