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Foundation of Health #1 - mental acuity

Dyselexia, ADHD, DCD, Autism

Dr. Belinda Palmer

Dyselexia, ADHD, DCD, Autism

An Immature CNS comes with many symptoms. Often times these symptoms are similar to symptoms present with retained primitive reflexes. Also, many individuals with austism, adhd, dyslexia, sensory processing disorder. and learning disabilities have retained reflexes.

Retained reflexes like Spinal Galant, for example, are associated with sensitivity to tags, poor posture, bed wetting, difficulties seating still, poor focus, poor balance, and auditory processing issues. Sound familiar?

Retained primitive are also a sign of an immature CNS.

By inhibiting primitive reflexes, activating posture reflexes, and increasing sensory stimulation to areas of the brain with deficits we can help to mature the CNS and allow the brain to become more efficient.

@drrobertmelillo goes into depth about this on his foundational book "Disconnected Kids"


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