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Foundation of Health #5 - minimize toxicity

Chlorine Rinsed Chicken or Organic Free Range Chicken?

Dr. John Palmer

Chlorine Rinsed Chicken or Organic Free Range Chicken?

If “they” chlorine rinsed the chicken do you think that’s the only thing they did that would be unhealthy to the bird?

Ultimately to the cost of you and your families health suffers by what you put inside it.

Everything the human consumes has to benefit the health and lifespan of the human. If you consume “raised meat” in your body make sure it’s organic and/or pasture raised. As your body processes natural foods easier. Whatever the bird ate during its life will immediately transfer to you when you consume the bird. By not eating the toxic bird you are adding a small percentage of quality time to your quality of health and quality of lifespan. You can fix many health support issues with a clean diet.


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