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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

As we shift gears from being in the winter months and now getting into the heart of spring here in Birmingham, more and more people have been coming into the office. Of the many types of patients we see, we have had so many of our patients coming in being pregnant. They have ranged from “we just found out!”, to week 34-36 “just get me out of pain”. Of this particular group is my wife. She is currently at week 34 with twin girls, and we have seen a little of everything from migraine/ tension-type headaches with vertigo, to “I think my sciatica is acting up and I can’t get comfortable with rib discomfort”. When patients come in, the main question we get asked, “is chiropractic ok for me to be receiving while I’m pregnant?”. The short answer is…..yes yes yes!! It is more than ok, and more importantly, very safe to get adjusted during your journey to becoming a first-time mommy or even your second go round. Some patients come in because their friends refer them, but better yet, some come in because their OBGYN referred them in, but rest assured you will receive nothing less than top-notch care here at Archetype. Some of the many services that we offer that can and will help you navigate some of those aches and pains early or late in the process are dry needling, cupping, laser, piezo, and muscle therapy. Sarah, my wife, has been getting adjusted during our process of bringing twin girls into the world one to two times a week depending on how she is feeling. During the earlier process, she enjoyed the dry needling and cupping since she was getting headaches very frequently during her first trimester. As she has made her way into the second and third trimesters where her body has been undergoing a lot of change, these adjustments have been doing very well. Chiropractic is extremely important during those second and third trimesters in order to keep your pelvis moving and staying symmetrical so that baby is having the most room to keep developing. It’s also going to help those muscles stay healthy so that momma can stay strong and healthy as well. As moms take shape and baby gets bigger, that lumbar spine is going to be working overtime due to being more anterior or hyperlordotic, so getting adjusted will ensure that tension and pressure is being relieved through the birthing process. Muscle work is going to keep momma feeling loose and free so it's also very beneficial to get those muscle sessions scheduled out, cause they book up fast! There are many benefits that momma can receive with chiropractic care, so if you are in need of some adjusting, muscle work, or some of our top of the line therapies, here at Archetype we can take care of all those aches and pains along your amazing journey to becoming a mom.


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