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Learning about Ankle Sprains, Can This Article Help Solve Your Pain?

Learning about Ankle Sprains, Can This Article Help Solve Your Pain?

Ankle sprains are very common not only in sports but in everyday life. Have you ever been in a hurry and stepped off a curb wrong, rolled an ankle and had some discomfort with a minor limp for a day or two? It happens more often than not. Athletes are not the only ones that sprain ankles,everyday people can experience the same type of trauma moving through their everyday life. In the clinic we deal with all types of injuries big and small,but a very common one is the ankle sprain. Typically, we deal with the first two types which are grade one and two (the most common). In a grade one sprain as well as a grade two the ligament most affected is the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) which has been stretched, but not torn. Symptoms of a grade one sprain may include mild pain, some joint swelling, mild joint instability, mild joint stiffness, and an individual might have some discomfort with jogging and or jumping. In a grade two ankle sprain which is also the most common sprain involves partial tearing of ligaments with symptoms including significant swelling, bruising, moderate pain, some loss of motion or use of the ankle and trouble walking. A grade three sprain, although not as common, is the most severe of ankle injuries and usually involves ligaments being completely torn with symptoms including severe swelling, severe pain, instability of the joint,and extreme loss of motion. How chiropractic can help is by keeping the ankle joint as well as the joints above and below moving properly while the ankle heals. Ways to ensure proper healing while limiting in-mobility are athletic taping, dry needling, mobilizations, and adjustments when necessary. New research shows that better outcomes ensue when the joint is kept mobile, vs casting or bracing unless severe instability is measured. By keeping motion inthe joint, you keep inflammation pumped out, proper healing, as well as keeping that ankle joint properly moving to prevent future re-injury. It’s important to get adjusted while going through the healing process due to changes or altering biomechanics that can affect knees, hips, as well as low back. As you can see that limp can affect a lot in the body if left alone for too long. If you suffer a sprain big or small it’s important to get it looked at, but more importantly get adjusted.


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