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Foundation of Health #4  - movement / adaptation

Altitude Training In Birmingham?

Altitude Training In Birmingham?

As we get into the Summer Olympics, we are amazed by the ability of the human body to rise above what we think is humanly possible. Athletes running faster than previous years, shattering records, or getting close to breaking some of the greats like Michael Phelps records of years ago. The good news is here at Archetype we have some of the most unique forms of training. Our unique approach to physical fitness provides even the weekend warriors with the ability to crush their own goals as they envision the ability to rise to the occasion. It is known as high-altitude training. I know, I know you are thinking, “high altitude in Birmingham?” Yes, in Birmingham! To be classified as high-altitude, it must be at least 2400 feet of elevation. Since here in Birmingham, we sit at around 643 feet, it is almost impossible to get to that mark. Alabama’s highest point, Mount Cheaha sitting at just over 2400 ft, can barely begin to produce the same advantages of high-altitude training. The US Olympic center, where most of these athletes train and reside, is in Colorado Springs which sits at 6000 ft. At Archetype, we have one of only a hand full of altitude rooms open to public utilization. The room is capable of calibrating an environment equivalent to 17,000 ft. of elevation. The benefits of high-altitude training whether mild to moderate intensity or even at high intensity levels are as follows: amplified pulmonary oxygen absorption, increased production of EPO (erythropoietin hormone) by the kidneys, increased stimulation of RBC’s (red blood cells) which enhances oxygen transportation throughout the body, increased capillarization for greater oxygen delivery to the tissues, muscles, as well as the brain, enhanced production/rejuvenation of mitochondria (the cell’s hub for energy production and mitochondrial enzymes), and allowing more efficient use of oxygen for energy production and superior enzymatic anti-oxidative defense. In short, you can perform more efficiently and recover faster, and this allows you to perform at a higher level. The good news is you can reach these types of benefits at around 6 weeks. Some additional benefits include: decreased average heart rate and blood pressure (those with high blood pressure can slowly get off medication), increased production and release of Human Growth Hormone (better recovery), stimulation of fat metabolism (more efficient weight loss), and decreased oxidative stress from free radicals (body runs more efficient with less stress). So, whether you are an individual looking to lower their blood pressure, lose weight, get a better workout, or get over that training plateau; here at Archetype our team of trainers and doctors can help you get there. So come on down and check out our high-altitude room to truly experience the benefits it can have on the human body.

interested in a altitude adaptation class? you can register on our apple app or call our front desk 205-803-1234


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