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Foundation of Health #4  - movement / adaptation

Altitude Training @ Archetype Health

Dr. John Palmer

After 3 hours total each week for 6 weeks research showed that mitochondrial functional was up by 20+%! This number consistently blows my mind. As a endurance athlete I love this altitude room but it’s more a love to hate as it kicks my ass when I’m in the room. The kicker is this though, when I’m in a race or even training I destroy hills and my energy overall to recover is exponentially faster. So it’s a great relationship :)

How does this effect the non-racer? Absolutely amazing just by existing in the room you get a amplified effect of the room effecting your energy systems. The more effort you put forth the greater the return after the 6 plus weeks. My only recommendation to new clients is to make sure you rest afterwards, this is always important but especially after these sessions.

thank you for reading,

Dr. John Palmer

If you’re interested in training with us please inquire. We have 1-1 sessions and small group classes.

We have an app, you can call 205-803-1234, or visit our website. #altitudetraining #endurancetraining #moreenergy #liveyourlife #adaptiveathlete #moreenergy


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