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Adults Can Struggle with Retained Primitive Reflexes Too!

Dr. Belinda Palmer

Adults Can Struggle with Retained Primitive Reflexes Too!

Retained primitive reflexes are often thought of as a developmental problem in kids. But kids grow up, and unintegrated reflexes have side effects in adults, too.

In adults, they can affect anything and everything from posture and balance to focus and energy.

So, how do primitive reflexes affect energy levels in adults?

Let's take a look at the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex. It does multiple things, but one big thing that it does is turn the body whenever the head turns. It helps with rotation during labor and baby learning to roll over. It should integrate around 6 months of age. With its integration, the head can then turn and move independently from the body. This is more efficient and saves energy. If it does not integrate, then every time you turn your head, your body wants to turn to. This uses up a lot of energy and can lead to a person becoming fatigued. It can also make it hard to focus, which can then make you more fatigued. Asymmetrical Tonic Neck reflex is just one of multiple reflexes that can contribute to fatigue if left unintegrated.


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