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Don’t simply feel better.
Live Well.

Excellent health is not a destination–it is a journey. Many people don't think about their health until they encounter a problem, disease, or accident. But there is more to being healthy than not being in pain. Our modern healthcare takes a reactive rather than a preventative approach to health. Yes, you will receive treatment for a severe illness, but the cause of the illness will go untreated.

We at Archetype are filling the need for holistic and preventative healthcare that is missing in our society. That means moving beyond treating the symptoms of illness in favor of developing and maintaining a lasting wellness that eliminates the need for reactive healthcare.

5 Foundations of Health

Archetype was founded on the philosophy known as the 5 foundations of health. These five steps are the blueprint to optimal health for the modern human. Each step is a guide that builds upon each other However, optimal health a journey, not a destination. It has more to do with your potential to learn and grow and to discover than it does with where we are in comparison with others. At Archetype, we believe that addressing these Five Foundations of Health will not only help us feel better, but allow us to live well.

Foundation I - Mental Acuity

I. Mental Acuity

Sharpening mindset and expanding neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is a big word with a very simple definition. It is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize connections. Brain health is imperative for whole-body health as it is directly responsible for adaptability and movement.

Your brain is a remarkable instrument that quite literally controls the way you think, act, move, and live. Mental exercises are crucial to whole body health and can involve everything from doing math in your head, taking a new or different route home, listening to new kinds of music, and developing new hobbies. Optimal performance is not possible without optimal mental acuity.

Foundation II - Brain Body Connection

II. Brain Body Connection

Increasing spinal and nervous system movement.

Your nervous system relays all of your brain’s signals to the appropriate organs, cells, and tissues in your body. If channeling is unclear, vital bodily functions cannot be fully carried out. Simply put, your potential to feel better and live well is limited to your spine’s capacity to carry out proper and appropriate messages.

Adaptability is the main purpose of the brain, and movement is the modality which makes that adaptability thrive or perish. Chiropractic health, along with muscle therapy, allows your body to receive necessary messages to once again heal and restore itself, and it is therefore foundational to an optimally-functioning human being.

Foundation 3 - Optimal Nutrition

III. Optimal Nutrition

Intake of maximized macro and micronutrients.

Foods are primary for energy. The cleaner the food, the better the energy, and your body requires the right fuel to power it through life. Even if you are exercising regularly and your brain and spine are in alignment, your health will still be compromised if you are neglecting proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition is about balancing macronutrients (proteins, fats, fruits, vegetables, water, etc.) and making sure those crucial elements come from clean sources. More than ever before, people are consuming man-made toxins and asking their bodies to process synthetics that we were not built to consume. Our bodies are resilient, and will process through deficiencies, but optimal health starts with removing those toxins from our bodies. Through Archetype’s blood assessment process, we will be able to help determine where supplements and micronutrients might serve for better living.

Foundation IV - Full-Range Movement

IV. Full-Range Movement

You are meant to move. Every single day.

Life is full of stressors and unavoidable consequences that cause our bodies to weaken over time. That’s why regular and strenuous movement is so crucially important for optimal health. Even those who choose not to move regularly would have a hard time arguing against the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Healthy aerobic stress strengthens your heart, which leads to stronger lungs, which deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, which power and propel these glorious machines to go. Full-range movement doesn’t mean you have to become an elite athlete, or even aspire to becoming the very best at something; it simply means using your body to help you feel better and live well. Archetype’s diagnostic processes will test your body and determine a tailor-made practicum to help you become more adaptable and stronger so that you might be better prepared to weather the storms of life no matter what stage of life you are in.

Foundation V - Minimizing Toxins

V. Minimizing Toxins

Remove the bad and replace with good.

It’s not easy to completely avoid toxins. Man-made toxins are more prevalent in today’s foods, synthetic products, and everywhere else you can possibly imagine than at any other time in history. But Archetype can help.

Our diagnostic evaluation and blood analysis processes will determine the best courses for removing these synthetics, chemicals, and man-made toxins from your life. Our bodies are incredibly resilient but they are not designed to be abused. You must actively minimize toxins when you shop, dine, live, work, and play. Eat organic foods as much as possible, avoid processed foods as much as possible, and incorporate natural products into your daily routine.

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